Calvin's has a complete selection of fruits and vegetables from Louisiana and other parts of the US.

Calvin's has a great selection of fresh local fruit. When our locally spring fruit is harvested we'll have it along with our complete selection of fruits and vegetables from other parts

of the USA and the Americas. We also carry a

variety of fresh fruit refrigerated in jars, too.


We also offer custom Fruit Baskets!

Select from several ready made fruit baskets on display, or have one made to order. We have a

gerat selectiong of decorative baskets and netter

yet, pick out the actual fruit and other items and

we'll have it ready for you in just a short time.

7675 Jefferson Highway  •   Baton Rouge, LA 70809  

Tel: 225.927.2051  •   Fax: 225.926.3286

Hours: Monday - Saturday 7AM - 9PM & Sunday 8AM - 8PM